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Works on Progress (2011-)





Conceived by You Nakai

Written and Drawn by Gen Gluzman


Starting from spring 2011, Gen (born December 2005) is creating a picture book, one page at a time every couple of weeks, over the span of whatever years/months it may take him to learn how to write and thereby to master the initially muddled distinction between writing and drawing.

For each new page, he is shown the last page he made and asked what he sees there, the answer to which he will then try to write on the next page. The overall narrative of the book will consequently be a display of the gradual, pedagogical process of differentiation that he goes through. Upon completion, the book will be given to Gen’s younger brother Aevi (born December 2010), who will follow the author’s step as a reader.






Conceived by You Nakai

Written and Drawn by Aevi Nakai


In summer 2015, Aevi (born December 2010) kept asking many questions about the world. Instead of trying to answer them, You wrote them down, waited a couple of days until Aevi had forgotten the fact that he had asked them, and asked the same questions back to him. Aevi then answered his own questions (oblivious to the fact that he had asked them in the first place). Afterwards, he was asked to make a drawing for each question and answer. He created 26 sets of these questions and answers which was later published under the title ARE WE HERE YET? (a question he often asked whenever going somewhere) from ALREADY NOT YET.

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PIECES (2015)

Written and Drawn by Aevi Nakai


In summer 2015, Aevi (born December 2010) was learning how to write the alphabet, getting familiar with each letter by seeing them as a character, both literally and figuratively. He created a picture book where the characters appear as characters, which is to say where the characters used to depict the story merge with the characters in the story. The title characters were taken from his own name (A and V) and his dad's (U).




In spring 2016, as Aevi (born December 2010) continued to learn the alphabet, he chose a word for each letter, and proceeded to use those words in alphabetical order to create a story.

Written and Drawn by Aevi Nakai



Written and Drawn by Aevi Nakai


Throughout 2018, Aevi (born December 2010) would often inform You of some observation he made about the world. He would always begin his observation by saying, "did you know..." which added a flair of established wisdom to his report. These proverb-like observations were recorded and Aevi later added a drawing to each.



PIAGET (2020-)

Conceived by You Nakai

Written by Aevi Nakai


In spring 2020, Aevi (born December 2010) is reading Piaget, thinking, understanding, and many times protesting what the famous theorist of developmental psychology wrote about how children think and understand. Aevi's commentary and book report will be published from ALREADY NOT YET.