[Summa] Ecologies of Sound Metaphors

Theories of operationally closed systems tend to struggle continuously with a particular conundrum which lies at the very core of their theoretical standpoint: the plurality of closures, and the mutual contact between one closed domain and another. Though the answers that have been formulated are various, a curious tendency can nevertheless be observed to be […]

[Memorandom] Eating and Singing (input/output)

A She heard of servant-­maids the note, Who in the orchards gathered fruit, Singing in chorus all the while. (This by command; for it was found, However cherries might abound, They disappeared by stealth and guile, So mouths they stopt with song, not fruit­­– Device of rural minds acute!) (Pushkin, Eugene Onegin, Third Canto, XLI)   […]

[Summa] Shaped Canvases of Time (not subversion but subsumption)

Ideas for works are generally triggered as reactions to a given situation/condition. But then one may proceed in a such a way that this given turns itself inside out and starts to appear as if it was created for the piece. Thus, when everything goes well, the work retroactively becomes the ‘context (site)’ for the […]