[Re-View] If Anything (Whatever I think about Any Size Mirror is a Dictator doesn’t concern Any Size Mirror is a Dictator)

I always thought there was something half-baked in Bertolt Brecht’s formulation of the “alienation effect.” First, there is a discrepancy between what he aims for and the method he proposes to get there. The latter mostly consists of breaking down the fourth wall and having the actors constantly display the fact that they are acting. […]

[Done Idea] Homeless Lottery

A social project to aid the homeless. Plant one or several ‘Jackpot’ homeless in town. Announce the project widely. If one gives money to the Jackpot homeless, s/he will get back whatever the amount of money given times X.

[Summa] No Text(ing) in Theatres Please!

(Originally presented at the exhibition “Théâtres en utopie: un parcours d’architectures vissionnaries (Theatres in Utopia: A journey of visionary architecture)” at Nantes, France, from June 22, 2013 to March 30, 2014) * * * 1. Theatre frames an event in order to detach a time-space from the given, pre-established one that surrounds the spectator. It […]

[Summa] Answers to Rebecca Posner

1. In “General Usage Instructions” of Works After Weather, you mention a sometimes closer connection to theater & performance artists, painters, dancers, and poets than to many musicians and composers in today’s world.  Your work also seems to be strongly related to the form and history of experimental music and composition.  How do you see […]

[Summa] Somewhat Content

Imagine a world where the content of any given artwork is its experience—the sensorial, emotional, as well as intellectual, experience that the audience goes through. Then, even those objects generally considered to be the artwork per se (paintings, sculptures, and so on), will be seen as recording apparatuses that enable the re-enactment of a particular experience. […]

[Summa] Sleep and Death

We have been making a series of works that deal with sleep (Sound Asleep No.1 and No.2, Lullaby) and I have been tinkering some thoughts around it. A popular metaphor or euphemism to account for death is that of sleep: eternal sleep, to put x to sleep, etc. But this metaphor could be taken (a) quite […]

[Summa] Rhetoric of Representation : Representation of Rhetoric

A given system of representation fails not because it is reduced to, or replaced by, a system of non-representation (there is no such thing, since ultimately the issue of representation exists not on the side of the system, but on the side of the observer of the system–the problem of representation is ultimately the problem […]

[Summa] Layers of Audience Participation

All the talks about “audience participation” are generally boring and mediocre, but perhaps one way to make this issue interesting is to explore its involuntary aspects. In other words, to make visible and make use of “participatory” forms that are usually, already in operation without being acknowledged. PREMISE: To begin with, there is no such thing as “the […]

[Summa] Music as Time Machine

General rule 1: (In music) it is possible to repeat any given length of time for any number of times within the same amount of time. One can create numerous 5 minute tracks, for instance, and just superimpose them on top of each other. The listener can listen the same track over and over again, […]

[Done Idea] Animal Border Control

What if all national borders were composed of massive assemblies of animals with some small sticks attached to their legs? Or chalks instead of sticks. Or, more realistically, GPS, or something. In any case, the border itself would be constantly moving and migrating according to the season and other reasons. And instead of those obnoxious […]