[Writing Under Influence] EPISODE G: Detective Moves

⠁ In Oedipus Rex, characters talk precisely because they don’t know what they are talking about. If they knew what they were talking about, they wouldn’t have talked about it, and no drama would have ensued. To generalize: One does something because one doesn’t know what one is doing. In this sense, people’s acts parallel the […]

[Writing Under Influence] EPISODE F: Not You

⠁ Love needs two bodies but desires to become one. Like sex or like eating, becoming one with the other is an erotic act. But there is a paradox here since if becoming one with the other is truly accomplished, the other will cease to exist; the necessary condition for eros will be lost. Love […]

[Writing Under the Influence] EPISODE E: Synthesizers

⠁ “It could be said that pipe organs were the first synthesizers.” But the organ actually does not synthesize on its own—it just outputs different airwaves from different pipes. The act of synthesis is conducted by the people who listen. The listener is the synthesizer. And the sound that is listened to is generated in […]

[Writing Under Influence] EPISODE D: Documenting the Future

⠁ There is a rather dull discussion concerning how performance art can be documented. The blind spot of this discussion is the fact that usually, the process of documentation comes before, not after, the enactment of the work. As you are making a performance, you are also documenting that process through the creation of various […]

[Writing Under the Influence] EPISODE C: Blindspot Contagion

⠁ The problem of audience participation is not about having an audience member X partake in the totality of the piece. It is, on the contrary, about the piece partaking in the totality of the audience member X. ⠃ The problem of influence is that you cannot take it off. Influence remains latent, usually taking […]

[Writing Under the Influence] EPISODE B: Gravitational Aesthetics

⠁ We use artworks for more than one purpose. These uses differ according to situations—they are situated. Good/bad is measured in relation to this use. Even the disinterested gaze that discovers finality without end (Kant) has in itself an end: aesthetic appreciation. ⠃ Aesthetics is a matter of attraction, of mobilizing other bodies to move […]

[Writing Under the Influence] EPISODE A: Unknown Choreographies

⠁ Influence = in flow/in flux. In astrology, the flowing of ethereal fluid affecting human destiny. Imperceptible or indirect action exerted to cause change. Effect of some external substance (weed, alcohol, mushrooms, etc). DUI. System and alcoholism: Gregory Bateson, Analysis of A.A. ⠃ Cybernetic Systems work without external control. They self-regulate through feedback. As a […]

[Manual for Human Infancy] Something That Is Not Now (The Constitution of Time) : 2 Years Old

1 The first step in dealing with pain is to localize it. The same is true with desire. A would often cry, and most times for no apparent reason. It would seem that A just wants, without knowing what he wants. When this happens U would give A a list of things he may be […]

[Manual for Human Infancy] Something That Is Not Here (The Constitution of Language) : 1 Year Old

1 Language starts as a command to others. It is an extension of that helpless but insistent crying A would do ever since his birth—a desperate means to make something happen. What needs to happen is clear: A needs to eat. Now there are things that A can eat (i.e., doesn’t hurt when A bites), […]

[Manual for Human Infancy] Something That Is Not Me (The Constitution of Bodies) : 0 Years Old

1 A is born. Shortly after A’s birth, U would notice two particular ways that A reacts to other human beings (it is uncertain what would happen if there was a different kind of animal in the household). The first type of reaction: A would always stop crying when somebody entered a room (after being […]