[RE-VIEW] The Realities of Fiction: ANY 4 ACTS by No Collective/Already Not Yet | by Cody Eikman

  [The following re-view was originally planned to be published in the journal Studies in Theatre and Performance (Routledge). After going through the necessary edits and corrections, however, a peer-reviewer (whose rather redundant job is to review reviews) requested the re-viewer to make some connection with “exterior discourse,” by which he meant theories and works that are […]

[Re-View] If Anything (Whatever I think about Any Size Mirror is a Dictator doesn’t concern Any Size Mirror is a Dictator)

I always thought there was something half-baked in Bertolt Brecht’s formulation of the “alienation effect.” First, there is a discrepancy between what he aims for and the method he proposes to get there. The latter mostly consists of breaking down the fourth wall and having the actors constantly display the fact that they are acting. […]