The Limit(s) of Feedback (or, How David Tudor Planned to Turn an Entire Island into a Musical Instrument) + Experiments in Art and Technology: History and Projects in the Environment | January 29 | Kagakūkan



You Nakai is making a presentation about David Tudor’s unfinished project Island Eye Island Ear at the conference “Weathering Ear, Breathing Eye” organized by Kagakūkan. Also presenting will be our special guest Julie Martin, the director of Experiments in Art and Technology, who is flying all the way from New York for this event. You will translate her presentation as well as her discussion with Fujiko Nakaya, who collaborated with Tudor on the island project. Kenjiro Okazaki is also presenting. Then we will all go out to look for an appropriate island in the vicinity in hopes to reenact for the very first time Tudor’s fantastic idea of turning an entire island into a musical instrument.