ARCHI-CHOREOGRAPHIES: LOCATING/DISLOCATING HABITS | February 21- | Kinosaki International Art Center


We’ve never enjoyed the hierarchical structure of workshops so we tried to devise one that we could be okay with. It’s first come first served but only for the very first; all the rest will become “teachers” and co-lead the gathering. Starting today at Kinosaki International Art Center as part of our (Kamimura Megumi + Shinichi Takashima + No Collective) on-going residency called PAST FUTURE PERFECT.

Archi-Choreographies: Locating/Dislocating Habits (Workshop)

Our residency project “Past Future Perfect” regards people’s habits (or “Kuse” in Japanese which encompasses everything from verbal tics, propensity for lying, proneness to being lazy, sexual proclivities to messy bedheads) as primordial choreographies that register previous physical contact with the world by biasing the body in particular ways. Working under the hypothesis that one always proposes oneself to others inadvertently through unconscious display of habits, the project explores the use, misuse, and abuse of such “proposals” along with the strange temporalities embedded therein.

During the residency, we will organize four workshops that aim to locate and dislocate such habits (the archi-choreographies of self) through externalization and dissemination: by making them explicit and teaching them to others.

Contrary to ordinary dance workshops, the aim of this workshop is not to develop or learn new forms of movement, but to cancel or dislocate the dance one is already dancing without knowing so.