MATTERS OF ACT: A Journal of Ideas [Issue A] | Already Not Yet


“Fuck Post-Truth, it’s all Matters of Act!” (Ellen C. Covito)

No Collective is starting a new journal called MATTERS OF ACT, partially to counter the dark trend of the times, and partially for You Nakai to retain an output while he goes about the obviously rewarding but obviously lonely business of almost-single-parenting (and partially to prove that these two aims are actually one and the same). The periodical, which wishes to come out at least every year, collects various projects, endeavors, ideas, and thoughts from around the world that revolve around matters of “act” (both in the sense of action and pretense). The collected materials together question the general topic of fabrication to probe the density of various unrealities. The entire publication is available for free download (so we’d be very grateful if you could disseminate):

The inaugural Issue A includes: a report on the large-scale earthwork project “Site-specific Fictions” by the fabricated agency “Robert Smithson without Robert Smithson”; an attempted restoration of the exhibition “Unconditional Restoration” using the theories of restoration developed for the same exhibition in Tokyo; a compilation of strange choreographic proposals sent to Movement Research back in 2013 (some of them later performed at Judson Church); a book report of speculative realism written by a 14-year-old mystery aficionado who read Quentin Meillassoux as a (failed) mystery novel; interview with a reclusive poet who makes his works by re-shelving books in libraries creating stanzas with their titles and who is upset about conceptual poetry not being conceptual enough; an observation journal of how humans grow; and many more peculiarities.


MATTERS OF ACT: A Journal of Ideas [Issue A]

Published by Already Not Yet [ANY 04]

220 pages | Full Color | 7.44″ x 9.68″ | Softcover, $46.90 [PDF version entirely free to download]

ISBN: 978-0996944205