“Late(r) Realizations: Versions, Sound Systems, and Compositions by David Tudor, 1960-1970” + “Inside David Tudor’s Live Electronics” | March 24 | over under around and through the music of David Tudor (Wesleyan University)


You Nakai is part of OVER, UNDER, AROUND, AND THROUGH THE MUSIC OF DAVID TUDOR, a two-day conference on the music of David Tudor at Wesleyan University happening this Friday and Saturday (March 25-26). You will do two things there (mainly): (A) presenting an hour-long talk called “LATE(R) REALIZATIONS: VERSIONS, SOUND SYSTEMS, AND COMPOSITIONS (1960-1970)” which examines the complex entanglement between Tudor’s realizations of other composer’s works in the 1960s and the composition of his own, and attempts to articulate the nature of Tudor’s “composition” via his oddly late realization about becoming a composer, and (B) co-organizing the session “INSIDE TUDOR’S LIVE ELECTRONICS” with Michael Johnsen and Matt Rogalsky, which examines Tudor’s extant electronic instruments now archived at Wesleyan. Both presentations will happen on the first day, March 25th, starting from 1:30pm. Other presenters include John Holzaepfel, Julie Martin (EAT), Composers Inside Electronics (John Driscoll, Phil Edelstein, Ralph Jones), Tom Erbe, Gustavo Matamoros, Mats Lindstrom, and Ron Kuivila among others. There will also be concerts in the evening, so if you happen to be in Connecticut or nearby.