“Exchange Mechanism” by Cody Eikman | The Performance Club


A pertinent and pertinently weird review of Vesna’s Fall at the Queens Museum written by Cody Eikman has been published at Claudia La Rocco’s Performance Club > Exchange Mechanism by Cody Eikman
It’s an acrobatic but very precise articulation of what happened inside the performance—what one saw and heard, and (perhaps more importantly) did not see or hear. Since we deliberately made the piece so that not much could be discerned by just looking at it from a distance, we’re really glad that someone analyzed its peculiar manner of operation in this detail. On Immaculate Conception, private exchange in/of bodies, and being eaten by the performance.
Thanks to David Ian Griess and Kota Yamazaki for the photographs. More writings on that piece are to come. Yay.