Vesna’s Fall | April 26 | Queens Museum


No Collective and Lindsey Drury, along with dancers Kaia Gilje, Paige Fredlund, Molly Schaffner, Laura Bartczak, and Katelyn Hales, are going to present the final version of Vesna’s Fall at the Queens Museum on April 26, 2015. The performance starts from 4pm, but there is also going to be a workshop for a limited number of people from 2 to 3:30pm. We’ve always thought that those remnant towers from the NY World’s Fair 50 years ago look like massive versions of the contraptions the dancers wear, and so I wanted to somehow have people+contraptions jump from the top and dance while falling down (which partially accounts for the ‘Fall’ in the title). That was impossible to do, but the Queens Museum is right nearby, so the location is perfect, and so is the space. We’ve presented the piece several times last year, but we are going to recreate most things from scratch, so it is going to be very different and much better.


Vesna’s Fall
by No Collective and Lindsey Drury

April 26, 2015, 4-5pm
Queens Museum

It is always difficult to know the dancer from the dance. By physically separating the two, Vesna’s Fall seeks to reinvent the problem. Each dancer wears a 14-foot movable curtained room that isolates her, extends her body, amplifies her movement, and blocks her view. Unable to see one another, the dancers attempt to coordinate the work using whatever means available, starting with their voices. Each audience member can choose what to see and from where. But watching one dancer always precludes seeing everybody and everything else. In this way, the work seeks to reveal the underlying condition of bodies that cuts across the division between performers and viewers, impeding them both from seeing the whole.

Performed by Lindsey Drury, Paige Fredlund, Kaia Gilje, Molly Schaffner, and perhaps You Nakai. Assisted by Laura Bartczak and Katelyn Hales.


WORKSHOP taught by Paige Fredlund with Kaia Gilje and Lindsey Drury, prior to performance from 2-3:30pm

*registration required

Max Number of Participants: 20.

Workshop is free but registration required through the above eventbrite page or by emailing:


This performance is made possible by the Queens Council on the Arts with public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.