House Music No.2: Full House | July 24 | “‘What is Experimental Music?’ Part 2″ Panoply Performance Lab (Brooklyn)


No Collective is presenting a new work called House Music No.2: Full House at the concert “What is Experimental Music? Part 2″ which consists in squeezing an ad-hoc orchestra of various musicians into the 20 x 20 venue of Panoply Performance Laboratory and seeing what happens. This is our second work to be hosted at the great Brooklyn venue, following last summer’s BIPAF by No Collective during Brooklyn International Performance Art Festival. We’re still looking for performers so if you are interested please contact me at your earliest convenience. We’re also looking for audience members so if you feel shy about performing, just join the concert as an audience (anything to fill up the space). We start around 9pm.


Call for Performers: Squeezing an orchestra into Panoply Performance Laboratory

No Collective is recruiting performers for a new piece to be performed at the “What is Experimental Music?” concert at Panoply Performance Laboratory on July 25. This piece will be an intervention into the often-taken-for-granted physical relationship between the magnitude of the bodies of performers+instrument and the space of performance in music, with an aim to observe the effects of this contrivance on the performance of music as well as for the listening to it.

The idea is simple: the piece consists in squeezing an ad-hoc “orchestra” of musicians into the small venue of Panoply Performance Laboratory. Performers will stand-by outside the venue, and one by one enter the space and join the performance until the venue is completely and extraordinarily packed. The music will be “row row row your boat” (we’ll be playing in C) performed in rounds over and over again (we made this choice since the piece had to be something that, a) everybody knows, b) is easy to play/sing/whistle, and yet c) when played by many at the same time, doesn’t simply turn into a unison sing-along–good thing about “row row row your boat” is that it can be sung as a round, and can therefore create layers pretty easily). Instruments used by players can be of any kind, as long as it is (more or less) pitched and portable/movable.

The evening begins at 8pm, and No Collective will be sandwiched between Tom Hamilton who goes first, and Al Margolis who goes after us. We will start around 9pm and go on for about 40 mins or so (but you can choose at which point you want to enter the room–if you don’t want to do much, you can just join after 30 mins, for instance). There will be no rehearsals. All that is necessary for you is to decide on your instrument, go through the song/passage on your own before the show, and get to the venue on time.

This particular series at Panoply Lab, curated by composer Brian McCorkle, attempts to ask, in a quite literal manner (always a good thing), “what is ‘experimental music’?” It’s an obvious and therefore interesting problematic and has a lot of potential to excavate and examine the discursive platform that supports what many of us do and how we talk about what we do (perhaps simply for a lack of a better term?). In a way, we have decided to stay true to the spirit of the project by taking the concept of “experimental” quite straightforwardly: hence the piece will be an experiment in what happens to the experience of live music when it faces an extreme quantity of bodies within an extreme lack of space. There will be a discussion on the available natures of “experimental music” following all the performances, so if you are interested please stay for that as well.

If you are interested, please contact:

We would very much appreciate it if you could also pass the word around if you know of any person who you think would be an asset to the project. We want to get people who will be both interested in the concept and interesting as performers.

Thank you, and we look very forward to having you in the piece.