Ellen C. Covito: Percussions/Repercussions [The (First) Room] | April 12 | The Woods Cooperative

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No Collective is co-hosting with Dreary Somebody the second concert of the Argentinian Composer Ellen C. Covito in New York this coming Saturday, April 12, from 8pm at the Woods Cooperative in Ridgewood, Queens. This will also be the first event of our curatorial series “The Room” which we are organizing.


Ellen C. Covito: Percussions/Repercussions
by Luis Tabuenca and Devika Wickremesinghe

April 12th, 8pm
The Woods Cooperative
1826 Palmetto Street #1 Ridgewood NY
(M train to Seneca or L train to Myrtle/Wykoff)
$10 suggested donation

Ellen C. Covito returns to New York with an evening of entirely new works for percussion and other sounding bodies. Coupling two virtuosos, percussionist Luis Tabuenca and dance artist Devika Wickremesinghe, this concert focuses on the available percussions and repercussions between two (or more) sounding bodies under the influence of seen and unseen forces. Covito’s new works take cues from Pierre Schaeffer’s notion of ‘acousmatic’ (the separation of sound from the sounding body), and the mediational effect of magnetic forces (tape, microphone and loudspeaker) that was crucial to the acousmatic disembodiment of sound. To these references, Covito adds idiosyncratic twists to formulate highly inventive, lucid and humorous ways that expand the celebrated approach of her ‘Composed Improvisations.’ This evening will present an exciting new phase not only for Covito, but for all art forms that entail composition and improvisation of sounding bodies–from music to dance, and beyond.



Vesna’s Fall | April 5 | {Re}HAPPENING Festival, Black Mountain College

No Collective is presenting Vesna’s Fall made in collaboration with choreographer Lindsey Drury, at the former Black Mountain College site this coming Saturday April 5 (from 6pm), as a part of the {Re}HAPPENING Festival. This is the second instantiation of our work, following the first performance at Judson Church in February, but we have completely reconstructed the piece to fit the 587 acres outdoor space with a big lake in the middle and 500 expected audience roaming around. It will also go on for 2 hours or so. Hope you can come to North Carolina!
Vesna’s Fall
by No Collective and Lindsey Drury
Dancers:  Laura Bartczak, Paige Fredlund, Kaia Gilje, Katelyn Hales, and Molly Schaffner
This work explores new ways to relate movement and sound within and against a highly-charged problematics of history and historization. We acknowledge the importance of the first Happening at BMC, but also question its basic premises: the setting of a singular time (clocked time brackets) and space (the Dining Hall) as the common denominator of the various happenstances. Our work will instead present a distribution of diverse events that relies neither on a singular time nor space, but rather on the inflections of velocities (time-space) accorded to each dancer through her proximity (‘gravity’) to the other dancers who count her move in her stead. Gravity of numbers is only put to an end by the number of gravities.