No Collective





[Name of Festival] (2013)


Conceived by Jay Barnacle, Kay Festa, Ai Chinen, Earle Lipski, You Nakai, Natalie Bays, and Josef Easeman


Premiered as "'BIPAF' by No Collective":

28 July 2013, at Woods Cooperative and Panoply Performance Laboratory,

during the Brooklyn International Performance Art Festival (BIPAF)

Performed by: Vadim Pevzner, Natalie Bays, and Josef Easeman

1. A piece performed inside any given festival.


2. The title of the piece should be exactly the same as that of the festival itself.


3. Find as many groups as possible which has the same name as yours (or as many artists as possible who has the same name as you), and ask them to make a piece that has the same title as that of the festival.


4. The performance happens in several venues simultaneously (the number of venues matches that of the groups/artists). The audience has to choose which one to attend.


5. For the announcement, mix the bio of the assembled groups.


6. Each group performs their piece in one of the venues.


7. The details of each performance may vary, but should all reflect the problematics of the festival itself (true to its title) and the fact that the audience cannot attend all the simultaneous performances.


8. For its premiere at BIPAF, one No Collective's performance consisted in telling all the assembled audiences that, (a) the piece can only be performed to a single audience; and (b) if after 20 minutes, there is more than one audience left in the room, the performance would be canceled.

Nazareth, House, Estancia, Albuquerque, Questa, Taos, Santa Fe, Elmo, Moab, Ballard, Dinosaur, Ruleton, New Cambria, Alma, Mark Twain, New York

12 June-27 July, 2013

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