No Collective







Conceived by You Nakai, Jay Barnacle, and Earle Lipski

Premiere: 23 January 2009, Loop-line, Tokyo

Performed by You Nakai



1: MAPS OF THE TRACKS OF YOU is a solo music performance.


2: To perform this piece, the following equipment is required:

a wireless headphone,

a wireless microphone,

a long-time delay system,

one performer,

several people sitting on chairs,

and several listeners.


3: All sounds occurring within the performance space and time are delayed for one minute, and played out from the performer's headphone.


4: This sound from one minute past is used as a map to guide the performance.


5: After the initial minute of map-making, all the lights in the venue go out.


6: The performance consists in reciting this instruction, while dragging the people on chairs one by one; the sound of both actions forms the subsequent sound map.


7: The sound map instructs the performer when to recite the instructions, and when to drag the people on chairs (recite only when there is a space in the sound map, and drag only while reciting)


8: Each minute, the performer considers the first person he drags as a human microphone. The volume of his voice for the rest of the minute is determined according to the distance to that human microphone. Reciting will thus include shouting and whispering.


9: The performance ends and all the lights are turned back on when this instruction is recited until the end.


Tokyo, 13-23 January 2009