House Music (C): Two Stories (2014)

Created in collaboration with Lindsey Drury | Conceived and developed by You Nakai, Lindsey Drury, and Kay Festa

Partially developed at IMAR Residency (August 2014)

Premiere: December 15, 2014, KulturRaum, Berlin | Performed by Lindsey Drury, Johanna Gilje, Keith Hennessey, Itha K. Kathartika, You Nakai, Meg Stewart, Sasha Waltz, et al.

Performed subsequently at: University of the Arts, Helsinki (June 12, 2015), as part of CARPA 2015, by Lindsey Drury, Johanna Gilje, and You Nakai

Photographs from the Helsinki performance taken by Johanna Gilje (June 12, 2015)

Lakeville, Connecticut, August 7-17, 2014/Berlin, 1-15 December, 2014